Sicily Bizarre Foods: the Palermitani Spleen Sandwich

Andrew Zimmern travels to Sicily in “Bizarre Foods” where he samples a cow spleen sandwich, named “pani ‘ca meusa” in Sicilian language, Palermo’s original fast food item since the 1800s.
It is a dish typical exclusively from Palermo and it consists of a soft bread (locally called vastedda or vastella) flavoured with sesame stuffed with chopped veal’s lung and spleen that had been boiled and after fried in the lard. You can also added caciocavallo or ricotta cheese, in this case the pani ca meusa is said maritatu (married), if served without it is said schettu (single).
It is sold mainly by peddlers (specifically indicated locally as meusari) in Palermo’s main markets as the Vucciria and the Ballarò.
You can taste one of the best pani ‘ca meusa at:
Focacceria San Francesco, dating back to 1834,
– The Basile Family at the Vucciria historical market
Franco u Vastiddaru in Corso Vittorio Emanuele (at the corner with Piazza Marina),
– the old and odd Piddu Messina close to the Copo market
Nino u ballerino (Nino the dancer) located in Corso Aprile Finocchiaro

So, be brave and it it!