What about luxury tours in Sicily?

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Luxury. Sicily. Do these two words tickle enough your imagination and let you desire to experience one of our Sicily luxury tours? Sicily has a mythical image, it is a legend of charm and beauty with little moderation and mildness, The first impression is intense, always unforgettable. Many colours, flavours, odours, sensation, thoughts.  Its  passionate beauty is able to enter though and through, to make you feel a powerful delight, but also a strong saudade. The thousands folks which had passed from its coasts have made Sicily a juicy and tasty fruit full of culture, philosophy, arts and languages. They all were travelers searching for a new spiritual homeland and here they have found a hospitable place, a maternal land, which had embraced and donated them precious gifts. A luxury tour in Sicily means first sharing the same attitude of those travelers and be ready to savour each and every bite of this succulent fruit. This island is a successful experiment of a perpetual blending turning into a whole of extraordinary beauty: the ruins of ancient temples against the blinding blue of the sea, the Arabian gardens full of spells and scent of orange blossoms, the spectacular architectures of  the Norman and Arab masters and Mediterranean passionate creativity. The baroque architecture in its own Sicilian style is central core of the island’s identity, revealing somehow its real soul: magnificent, theatrical, rich of magic, religious and monstrous details. This mixture of cultural influences is visible all around the island but, at the same time, each city has a own identity and appeal: cosmopolitan Taormina, medieval Erice, Ragusa, Modica, Noto as the trio of Baroque pearls, the ancient Greek Syracuse and Agrigento and lava stone Catania. Palermo, the capital, is a challenge as it owns every possible kind of beauty that can be found in Sicily and a disarming traffic jam. The treasures of the island haven’t been originated by human labor and by its geographical destiny. A sunny and warm climate allows nature to live a life of eternity and splendor: it’s always the right  time to enjoy Sicilian environment, especially if you come from those countries where winter is freezing and snow covers everything for most of the time. This island is extremely rich in terms of natural environments and biodiversity: thousands of different mountain landscapes come together with the thousands different shades of the blue and green of the sea. Definitely Sicily is one of the more appealing and fascinating destination in Europe and our luxury tours aim to let you experience its distinctiveness. Sicily is L’Isolabella, the beautiful island. A fast approach to this country might leave you a little dazed and even disappointed. You just need to take your time to taste some of its fascinating corners thank to a Sicily luxury tour of fine design. There is nothing better than indulging into the innate elegance of this land and into the  diverse pleasures it grants to a discerning traveler: a multicultural cuisine, vineyards of ancient tradition, a precious handcraft, a lively nightlife, some of the most suggestive beaches of the world. Although every luxury tour focuses on a main topic, it also shows different angles of the island. Weather it is The Grand Tour of Sicily, the UNESCO World Heritage Tour, the Jewish itineraries, one of our luxury wine trips or a Sicily à la carte tour our great delight is to offer you the most comprehensive Sicilian experience around the most charming places and with a true native style. Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman says “Oranges are more orange in Sicily”. As an expert of taste and elegance you can trust her opinion of how extraordinary Sicily is.

words by Alice Leonardi
editor @traveleze