Chicory, shrimps and blood orange sauce

20170128_105754_ridServes 4 people


8 shrimp tails
200 gr. chicory
2 blood oranges, both the juice and the peel
2 garlic cloves
extra virgin olive oil
chilly pepper

  1. Cleanse the chicory
  2. Cook the chicory in a pot with boiling water for a couple of minutes, take it out and let it cool
  3. Sauté one clove of garlic in a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil until golden, then mix the chicory
  4. Clean the shrimps: remove the shell except for the ending part, then incise the back of the shrimp to eliminate the black stomach
  5. Get another pan, add a knob of butter then sauté another garlic clove, a leaf of ginger and some organge peel
  6. Add half of the blood organge juice and the shimp tails, let them sauté for a minute or so, add some pepper, take them our of the pan and rest.
  7. Add the other half of the blood orange juice to the sauté sauce and filter
  8. Serve creating a nest with the chicory first, then place above two shrimps and moisten with the blood orange sauce
  9. Add some salt

Buon appetito!