>Parmigiana di melanzane? Typical Sicilian!

>Yummy, yummy! It’s time of one of my favourite dishes, eggplant Parmesan, also known as parmigiana di melanzane.Despite its name, the word “parmigiana” does not derive from that of the Parmisan cheese but… Continue reading

>Frivolous granita? Something you cannot do without it

> Are you planning to visit Sicily? Are you a foodie-kind of traveler? There is a list of local food and delicacies you cannot miss. Granita, arancini, cannoli and cassata are top on… Continue reading

>Sweet & sour Caponata

> Hello from sunny Sicily! Yes, spring is on and summer is coming soon. Weather is getting warmer and warmer and it’s time for my favourite vegetables and food. I can start dreaming… Continue reading

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>Therapeutical oregano and pasta?

> During Easter holidays I had a couple of very good friends from Norway, we spent most of the time eating, you know πŸ™‚ … a welcome dinner at home on Friday, we… Continue reading

>Easter delights for senses

> It would be easy to say I made these small cute pastries but it wouldn’t be true. These are masterpieces of the ancient tradition of the Sicilian convents and are made by… Continue reading

>Easter or theatre?

> Is there any other place in the world where feast and theatre are strictly weaved together to celebrate the Holy Week? If yes please, I would like to know. I’ve recently made… Continue reading

>Torrone catanese at the market

> What do you usually do when you need to get inspired? Ops, I’m not getting mad, don’t worry, no knives πŸ™‚ When I need inspiration I like wandering about Catania, aimlessly, just… Continue reading

>Regina Lucia – interior and food design in Syracuse

> A brand new restaurant in Syracuse, the Regina Lucia, located in Piazza Duomo: an excellent excercise of style for interior and food design in Sicily. Syracuse is one of the most interesting… Continue reading

>In Sicily, every Saint has got his/her pastries!

>I was at Enoteca di Sicilia a couple of days ago and my good friend Aldo showed me a typical pastry of the period named seno di vergine (virgin’s breast). I’ve made a… Continue reading

>Gelo all’arancia! Does it sound good?

> You bet! It sounds good, it taste delicious!The arancia rossa (red orange) also named tarocco is one of the most delicious autochthonous cultivar in Sicily. It a typical winter orange, widely used… Continue reading

>Green long onions, a winter type

> I mentioned the green long onions last Monday for Orange salad: healthy, fresh and fanciful. I said I was not sure you could find them out of Italy. It’s better I post… Continue reading

>Lemon juice: enhance taste and prevent from oxidation

> Use the lemon juice to rub peeled and sliced pears and apples to be used for cakes, preserves or jams. It will enhance their flavour and prevent them from oxidation. Text and… Continue reading

>Orange salad: healthy, fresh and fanciful

> Typically Sicilian, it’s healthy, fresh and fanciful! It’s a winter salad! My main regret is we can’t have it during those Sicilian sunny and hot summer days when you need anything helpful… Continue reading

>Palermo & Panelle

> I love panelle! It happens quite often for me to go to Palermo, both for business or go and visit friends.I was in Palermo a couple of days ago. I like this… Continue reading